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Science for Citizens

HNRS 1035 Sec. 1 - Fall 2018

Professor James Ottea Entomology Department

Tu Th 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
200 French House

What is science? What do scientists do? Why does so much of science seem controversial these days? How much of your behavior is in your genes?(And what exactly is a gene?) Are there really genes for infidelity? aggression? novelty seeking? How do we choose our mates? Do human genes continue to evolve? How does all our technology impact our development as a species? What’s a GMO? Are they safe? Is Monsanto really the devil? Can scientists create life? clone humans? edit human embryos? Should they? What causes cancer? Why do so many of us get it? Why haven’t we cured it? Does the measles vaccine cause autism? Where did all of that come from? What are we doing to our planet? What’s life going to be like when you’re 50 and there are 10 billion people on Earth? Can we feed all those folks?

Fulfills General Education:

Natural Sciences