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The World’s Deltas

HNRS 1036 Sec. 030 - Spring 2023

Assistant Professor Matthew Hiatt Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences

Tu Th 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
135 French House

Almost all of the approximately 30 major deltas of the world are at risk of sea level rise due to coastal subsidence (sinking land) and rising eustatic sea level (rise of the sea itself). This course will take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the value and complexity of deltas, with a major focus on our very own Mississippi Delta.

We will begin by providing an interdisciplinary introduction to both the natural science and social science aspects that pertain to deltas. As places where 7% of the human population lives, deltas are rich with history and culture. They are important economic engines as well, and are often comprised of centers of maritime transportation, the energy industry, agriculture, and many other aspects that the global society depends. The course will also focus on key case studies that illustrate the differences, values, and challenges that pertain to the world’s deltas. Students will see that some common themes exist, such as threats to their existence due to human modification of their watersheds and global climate change. The final part of the course, students will apply what they have learned to presenting case studies of their choosing. They will work in groups to prepare a presentation and brief that demonstrates their knowledge. We believe that students will learn a great deal and enjoy this course.

Fulfills General Education:

Natural Sciences