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The Ogden Honors program of study and achievement

The structure of the Ogden Honors curriculum mirrors that of the major degree programs, which move from general education and foundation courses to major courses of narrower and more specific topics.  The curriculum is designed with the flexibility to apply to all majors.  

First Years

In the Freshman and Sophomore years, the Honors College offers discussion-oriented seminars taught by select faculty members on topics of their specialty. Additionally, there are small Honors versions of departmental courses that fulfill general education or foundation requirements of your major. In both of these types of courses, you will enjoy working with high-achieving peers and engaging professors in small, ambitious classes.

Upper Division 

In the Junior and Senior years, you conduct individual research projects to enhance your specialized 3000/4000-level courses through the Honors Option. Accumulating skill in independent learning, you then create new knowledge with an Honors thesis, pursuing your own topic of interest and working  one-on-one with a professor of your major. Many departments have created Upper Division programs appropriate for that discipline. 


Recognitions certify excellence across the Ogden Honors College curriculum. College Honors is awarded as full enhancement of your degree and is reflected on the diploma. Sophomore Honors Distinction signifies excellence in the first phase of the program and carries a notation on the transcript. Upper Division Honors Distinction, also placed on the transcript, reflects completion with excellence of the second phase.

Overall, the Ogden Honors curriculum provides the opportunity to enhance your major and develop strong relationships with professors and peers through compelling and challenging learning opportunities.