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Learn more through a personal meeting and tour

You are invited to discover more about the Ogden Honors College by making an in-person visit to the Ogden Honors campus. An Honors College representative will show you the Ogden community, take your questions, and discuss your interests and how they can be met by the academics, opportunities and programs offered by the Ogden Honors College and LSU. Such a visit is a great way to inform your decision to attend LSU and Ogden Honors.

To schedule a visit, complete the form below at least one week in advance of your requested date. Ogden Honors tours are held at 2:30 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (excluding university holidays and any dates listed below).

If you would like to see the interior of a room in Laville Honors House, you must take an LSU Residence Life tour. These tours accept walk-up attendance, and begin at 10:30 AM or 1:30 PM in the lobby of Grace King Hall, which is just across South Campus Drive from the French House. A 3:00 PM tour is also offered, but your Honors tour will overlap this session. Please note that Residential Life tours are not offered at these times on days of the Freshman Orientation and Advising program.

This form is a request for a visit to the Ogden Honors College, not an LSU campus tour. If you would like to take an LSU campus tour, you must register for a 10:00 AM tour via the LSU Admissions website. (A 1:00 PM tour is also offered, but it will overlap your Honors tour.) These tours are offered daily and depart from the LSU Student Union. 

We are unable to accommodate individual visit requests for the following dates:
December 23-January 2 - Winter Holiday
January 16 - Martin Luther King Day (University closed)
January 27 - Kickoff LSU*

February 24 - Kickoff LSU*
March 3 - Kickoff LSU*
March 29-31 - Spring Invitational
April 14 - Good Friday (University closed)
April 21 - Kickoff LSU*

*Kickoff LSU is a day-long open house for high school seniors and juniors, as well as their parents or guardians. Registration is required to attend, and space is limited for each date. For more information and to register, visit

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