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Undergraduate Research Colloquium IX

Ogden Honors students present their research
When Apr 22, 2015
from 04:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Where West Laville Library, 1005 East Laville, and Lobby
Contact Name
Contact Phone (225) 578-8373
Attendees Open to the LSU community & to the public
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At this ninth annual Ogden Honors Undergraduate Research Colloquium, Ogden Honors students will present both completed Honors Thesis projects, and research in progress. Presentations are open to the LSU community and the general public, and we encourage students to invite their family and friends. 

No matter your year at LSU or your stage in the Honors Thesis research process, you will find the Colloquium is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the work of your fellow Ogden Honors students, and to explore ways of approaching the Honors Thesis. This event provides an opportunity for Ogden students to share what they've learned, foster interdisciplinary dialogue, and network with faculty members. 

Schedule of presentations:

4:10-5:30: Session 1A, West Laville Library

David Fertitta, Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, "Assessing the Impacts of Nutrient Load Reduction Scenarios on the Extent and Severity of Hypoxia in the Northern Gulf of Mexico" 

Rachael Keller, Mathematics, "Encoding Knots"

Erin Percevault, Landscape Architecture, "The Successional Grid"

Christopher Sylvester, Biological Engineering, "Zein nanoparticles as a platform for the delivery of docosahexaenoic acid"

4:10-5:30: Session 1B, 1005 East Laville

Leslie LaCoste, Political Science, "Wrongful Convictions and Race: Structural Incentives and Implicit Bias"

Grace Reinke, Political Science, "Surviving the Velvet Hammer: Analyzing the Criminalization of Working Class Mothers in a Neoliberal Context"

AshLee Smith, Political Science, "Are Social Safety Net Programs Capable of Reducing Material Hardship Among Low-Income Americans?"

Melissa Wheeler, History, "Global Disconnect: Drug Trafficking and the Failure of International Enforcement"

5:30-6:30: Poster Session, Laville Lobby

Madison Boudreaux, Biological Sciences, "Adaptive responses of mustard family plants to ammonium salt toxicity"

John Garrett Clawson, Political Science, "Support for Preschool Expansion Among Louisiana Adults"

Grace Hunt, Biological Sciences, "Optimization of Concentrating a High Rain Volume with Tangential Flow Filtration System"

Christopher James, Architecture, "CRMS Reimagined"

Gerry Knapp, Chemistry, "Provenance Data Management System for K-Edge Analysis of Flame Retardant X-Ray Tomography"

Kurt Ristroph, Biological Engineering, "Plant-Nanomaterial Interaction: Zein Nanoparticle Interactions with Soybean Roots and Leaves, Measured Fluorometrically"

Jon Wilson, Chemical Engineering, "Surface Area Analysis of Copper Electrodes for Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2"

6:30-7:50: Session 2A, West Laville Library

Emily Bennett, Biological Sciences, "Mobilization of Alu Elements Throughout Papio and Theropithecus Genomes"

Hardy Hang, Biological Sciences, "Studies to elucidate the location and function of STAT5A/pyruvate dehydrogenase complex in adipocyte"

Sreeja Sanampudi, Biological Sciences, "Characterization of a novel retrotransposon in New World monkeys"

6:30-7:50: Session 2B, 1005 East Laville

Samantha Bares, Creative Writing, "Our Cosmogonies: Creation Myth in Everyday Moments"

Endya Hash, Art History, "Artist/Philosophers: Reading Art as Philosophy and Self-Creationism"

Matthew Landry, Nutrition, "A Comparison of Nutrient Intake/Adequacy, Diet Quality, and Obesity Prevalence in Low-Income Children"

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