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Honors College Undergraduate Research Colloquium VIII

Presentations of senior Honors Thesis projects and research in progress
When Apr 23, 2014 04:00 PM to
Apr 24, 2014 08:00 PM
Where West Laville Library, 1005 East Laville, and Lobby
Contact Name
Contact Phone (225) 578-8373
Attendees Open to the public.
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Wednesday, April 23

4:00-4:05: Opening Remarks, West Laville Library

4:05-4:25: Faculty Guest

4:30-5:50: Session I, West Laville Library

Design of an Automated Pressure Sore Reducer

Linda Cross, Biological Engineering

Computational Modeling of Drug Release from Bone Scaffolds

Corey Landry, Biological Engineering

The aptitude of Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3 vs. Green Fluorescent Protein in the identification of leptin receptor neuron populations

Bhumit Desai, Kinesiology

Methods of stabilizing a key player in the inflammatory response: co-expression of 5-lipoxygenase and coactosin-like protein

Aimee Landry, Biochemistry


5:55-7:15: Session IIA, West Laville Library

Controlling competing phases of magnetic intermetallics and bioceramics

Jacob McAlpin, Chemistry

On the Amount of Sediment Deposited in Floodplains from the Mississippi River: A Case Study in Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana

Matthew Smith, Geology and Geophysics

Sedimentary Record of Extreme Events in the Lake Maurepas Basin, Southern Louisiana

Jonathan Lambert, Coastal Environmental Science

Characterization of MC252 Subtidal and Intertidal Oil Mats on a Coastal Headland Beach

Allyson Lutz, Environmental Engineering


5:55-715: Session IIB, 1005 East Laville

Shifting Stability: Native American Identity in the World of Louise Erdrich

Karah Mitchell, English

A Pansy for Your Thoughts: Ophelia’s Flowers in Modern Film Adaptations

Meredith Will, English

Was the First World War a Watershed for Women in British Society? An Analysis of the Status of British Women Before, During, and After the Great War

Katilyn Hollowell, History

Implementing Close Reading and Renaissance Literature into Gifted and Talented High School Curriculums

Ashley Thibodeau, English


Thursday, April 24

4:00-4:10: Opening Remarks, West Laville Library & 1005 East Laville

4:15-5:20: Session IIIA, West Laville Library

Reconstructing New World monkey phylogeny: Alu elements in the common marmoset genome

Catherine Fontenot, Biological Sciences

Exploring the Kothi Retrotransposon Through the Common Marmoset Genome

Erika Arceneaux, Biochemistry

Association of Drd4 gene polymorphisms with variations in exploratory behaviors in birds of the genus Copsychus

Jocelyn Miller, Renewable Natural Resources


4:15-5:20: Session IIIB, 1005 East Laville 

Emerging Demographics in the Online Video Entertainment Market: Devices, Online Video Advertising, Online Video Entertainment

Benjamin Papac, Mass Communication

Utilizing Instant Communication Technology to Express Gratitude: A Brief Intervention Study

Margaret Hindman, Psychology

Sounds and Memory in Language

Hannah Hebert, Psychology


5:20-6:20: Poster Session, Laville Lobby

Intentional Ambiguity in Fire, Wine, and Cupid Imagery

Kurt Ristroph, Classical Civilizations

May I Say Nothing, My Lord?: Who Gets To Be In Our Stories?

Rory Boothe, English

Neural and behavioral correlates of coping strategies associated with social defeat in an African cichlid fish

Montana McKay, Biological Sciences

Silver Nanoparticles as a Vehicle for Selective Antimicrobial Surfactants

Christopher Sylvester, Biological Engineering

The Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus: The Last One Hundred Years

Katlyn Cotton, Liberal Arts

Discovery of Novel Allosteric Inhibitors for Human 15-Lipoxygenase-2 Using Virtual Screening

Aaron Mouledous, Chemical Engineering

The Cross-Curriculum Middle Level Classroom: Using Literature to Engage Students in the STEM Subjects

Kayla Johnson, English

Membrane Binding and Substrate Specificity of Human 15-LOX-2

Caitlin Mitchell, Biochemistry

The pH Dependence of DNA Binding of the Pol I DNA Polymerases from D. radiodurnans and T. aquaticus

Katelyn Jackson, Biological Sciences

Synthesis and Characterization of Gold Nanoparticles for Studies using Second Harmonic Generation

Blake Kruger, Chemistry

Evidence for a DNA-relay mechanism in ParABS-mediated chromosome segregation

Bruno Beltran, Mathematics

Overexpression of Endoreplication Gene SIAMESE Using Constitutive Activator VP16 and its Effects in Arabidopsis thaliana Trichomes

Ashley Willis, Microbiology

Pushing the boundaries of gene therapy using enveloped AAV vectors

Zachary Fitzpatrick, Biochemistry

Effects of salinity on the aggressiveness and venom production of the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta

Matthew Landry, Nutrition


6:25-7:55: Session IVA, West Laville Library


Mark Gibson, Theatre

Iron Redemption - A Short Documentary

Natalie Domingue, Film and Media Arts

Constructing Skeletons: Exploring the Fundamentals of Minimalism

Jacqueline DeRobertis, English

On the River's Surface

Ashten Landry, English


Dylan Evers, English


6:25-7:55: Session IVB, 1005 East Laville

The Discourse of the Arab Spring in Western Media

Logan de La Barre-Hays, International Studies

Islam in France and Germany

Kristen Callais, International Studies

The Immigration Cycle?: A Comparative Analysis of Historical Determinants of State Level Immigration Policy

Rome Gonsoulin, Political Science

Social Capital and Economic Opportunity: Implications for Increasing Social Mobility

Kalena Thomhave, Political Science

The Effects of Welfare Sanctions on Infant Mortality

Jackson Voss, Political Science


7:55-8:00: Closing Remarks, West Laville Library



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