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Emphases for each year of Honors study

Ogden Honors students also participate in four "themes" of experience outside the classroom, one for each year of their enrollment:

Service in the first year

Students become oriented to life in the Ogden Honors College, LSU, and Baton Rouge communities through participation in service projects.

Study Abroad in the second year 

Students expand their perspectives and develop personal independence by living and studying in a foreign country.

Internships & Research in the third year

Students cultivate deeper knowledge in their majors, and apply that knowledge through internships and scholarly research.

Honors Thesis in the fourth year

The culmination of four years of Honors enrollment, students research, write, and defend an Honors Thesis in their major course of study. 

themes.collageThese themes buttress the Ogden Honors curriculum and inform Honors students' academic and personal development. Students are encouraged to participate in themes through Honors advising, scholarships, programs and events. The themes may have direct or indirect ties to a student's chosen curriculum or career path, and student participation is certainly not limited to the year of emphasis.

Following the Honors themes helps students more fully take advantage of all that their undergraduate education at LSU has to offer. As a result, Ogden Honors graduates are capable, self-motivated citizens and leaders who are fully prepared to succeed — whatever their major or aspiration.