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A Fond Farewell

The Honors College Says Goodbye to Mark “Doc” Dochterman
A Fond Farewell

Mark Dochterman accepts the Chancellor's Sesquicentennial Service Award on behalf of FOCUS.

His name may be Mark Dochterman, but everyone in the Honors College knows him simply as “Doc.” And after he earns his Ph.D from LSU in Higher Education Administration, he’ll be Dr. “Doc” Dochterman.

After six years of serving as the Honors College Student Activities Coordinator, Dochterman will be returning to his Midwestern roots and accepting a position at the University of Illinois at Springfield. 

During his time at the Honors College, he has worked closely with the Honors House residential college and the Honors College Affiliated Student Organizations to coordinate events that promote the goals of the Honors College while making LSU services readily accessible to Honors students.

“He knows his stuff,” said Arlette Henderson, Assistant to the Dean at the Honors College. “If you have a question, people will say, ‘Ask Doc.’”

Additionally, he has also helped to plan and implement "Honors Welcome" for incoming students, organize the Freshman Service Project, and conduct academic advising sessions.

“I recognize in Doc a person who is really capable of doing anything,” said Michael Blandino, Honors College Director of Student Services. “The only thing Doc doesn’t do well is subtlety,” Blandino says jokingly “but it’s a good thing because his directness and honesty are refreshing.”

Dochterman also served as the Advisor for FOCUS, an Honors College arts, humanities, and science summer immersion program for local high school students that won a Chancellor’s Sesquicentennial Service Award under his leadership.

“Doc has served as a role model for our students, and he has been a collegial member of the staff. We’re going to miss him, but we wish him the very best of luck as his career moves to the next level.”
- Honors College Dean Nancy Clark

“He brought me to a greater awareness of the inequity that exists in regional and national public education,” said Sarabeth Rivet Haddad, who participated in FOCUS as an undergraduate student and will be moderating the FOCUS program this year. “I’m grateful for all of the opportunities Doc has given me to grow in my leadership abilities and in my awareness of self and society.”

This year, Dochterman received the Robert L. “Doc” Amborski Distinguished Honors Professor Award presented by the Honors College Student Council for demonstrating teaching excellence, devotion to the LSU Honors College, and support of Honors student activities. 

“Mark has always worked for the students,” said William Osborne, Honors College Director of Curriculum Development. “He’s a champion for the student experience, and in many ways, he prioritizes the student as a person before he does them as a student.”

The mustard-loving Illinois native (who earned a B.A. in Business Administration from Illinois College and a M.A. in Communication Studies from Ball State) worked as a graduate assistant at the Honors College before becoming a staff member in 2005. 

“He has a strong sense of fun,” said Autumn Montgomery, Upper Division Academic Advisor & Fellowships Coordinator. “And he has opinions on everything …You can always learn a lot from him.”

Cindy Seghers, Coordinator at the Honors College Office of Experiential Learning, described Dochterman as a “man of action.”

“He’s a doer,” she said. “He’s someone who has ideas, and then puts his ideas into action, and I know that the University of Illinois at Springfield will greatly benefit from his vision.”

Although Dochterman is leaving LSU, his years of service to the University won’t be forgotten. 

“He has been a friend and an excellent colleague,” said Granger Babcock, Honors College Associate Dean. “The Honors College is truly a better organization because of his contributions.”


Story by Elizabeth Clausen, LSU Honors College

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