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City Hall Fellows Representative Speaks to Honors College Students

Representatives from City Hall Fellows gave a presentation regarding the program and the opportunities in Baton Rouge.

Bethany Reuben HendersonHonors College students recently gathered for a presentation from City Hall Fellows, a program that places recent graduates in year-long paid internships in local government.  Bethany Reuben Henderson, founder and executive director of City Hall Fellows, presented the program to Honors College students in an effort to launch the program in Baton Rouge, following successful implementation in Houston and San Francisco.

“We need those students,” Bethany said, “who have strong ties to the community, a real commitment to serving the community because this is a year of public service, those students with strong oral and communication skills, and people who are flexible and creative and humble enough to understand that when they go into public service, it is an eye opening experience and a way they can really make a difference.”

In the program, students work as Fellows for one year – their year of service – as a full time, paid special project assistant for a senior local government official. Fellows are placed within government in their hometown.

Dean Clark, also attending the presentation commented, “We want our best students to help the state meet the peoples’ needs.  We are excited about the City Hall Fellows program, we’ve already had several graduates involved and it’s been a great help for the state and we look forward to the program providing that same young leadership that then we can feed into Louisiana.”

If you are interested in further details, visit the City Hall Fellows website at