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LSU Stamps Scholars Head to National Convention

They will join other prestigious scholarship recipients this weekend at the Georgia Institute of Technology

LSU Stamps Scholars will join approximately 730 Stamps Scholars this weekend at the Georgia Institute of Technology for the fourth biennial Stamps Scholars National Convention. 22 Scholars from LSU will be in attendance. 

The weekend event is sponsored by the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation to benefit the Stamps Scholars Program, a nationally prestigious merit scholarship program that helps exceptional students become leaders throughout society. Launched in 2006 by Georgia native Roe Stamps and his wife, Penny, the program has grown to include 42 partner schools throughout the country.  

“Our Stamps Scholars are ready to represent LSU and contribute to the national convention,” said Drew Lamonica Arms, director of the Ogden Honors Office of Fellowship Advising and the LSU Stamps Scholars faculty mentor. “The conference is an amazing opportunity to converse with their peers from around the nation on topics they are passionate about and problems they want to fix. The Stamps Foundation and the Georgia Tech Stamps Scholars put on such a valuable, fun, stimulating experience; we are excited to be a part of it.”

Scholars attending this year’s convention will have the opportunity to learn from some of the country’s most renowned leaders, including Teach for America Chief Executive Officer Elisa Villanueva-Beard, and former Georgia Tech President and Secretary Emeritus of the Smithsonian Institute G. Wayne Clough.

The convention also provides a platform for Scholars to learn from one another through discussion of some of the great challenges facing the world today. This year’s topics include “Mental Health in the 21st Century,” “Living in an Energy Crisis,” and “The Future of Human Space Exploration,” among others. The event will also feature a service challenge--Consulting for Social Good. The service challenge aims to apply scholars’ knowledge to real-life obstacles often present in today’s nonprofit organizations.

“The Stamps National Conference is a unique opportunity to interact with scholars that share a passion for service and leadership but come from extremely diverse backgrounds and academic environments,” said Ruth Dunn, a junior studying biological sciences. “For me, the Stamps Conference is a time to build friendships as well as be challenged to think deeply and achieve my potential.”

“Whenever I speak with our Stamps Scholars, they talk about the value of getting together with driven and talented peers and learning from them,” notes Roe Stamps. “Seeing what these amazing young leaders are doing, and realizing what they will achieve later in life, is inspiring.”

“We are looking forward to returning to Georgia Tech for another fun, enriching experience at the National Stamps Convention,” said Lucy Simon, a junior majoring in business management and psychology. “The extended-weekend trip provides an invaluable opportunity for our cohort to grow closer together as well as re-connect, meet, and engage with other amazing, talented Stamps Scholars from across the country. We are excited to discuss and problem-solve important society topics as well as communicate the value of service in our local communities.”

Stamps Scholarships are generous multi-year scholarships that include enrichment funding for study abroad, internship, or research opportunities. Currently, the Stamps Foundation and its partners provide scholarship support to 930 Scholars, with the projected goal to help educate 5000 Scholars in total. There are 455 Stamps Scholar alumni around the world who continue to benefit from various professional and social networking opportunities.

Stamps Scholars are leaders both on campus and beyond graduation. Stamps Scholar alumni are among the recipients of prestigious awards including Rhodes, Fulbright, Goldwater, Truman, and Schwarzman scholarships.

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The Ogden Honors College, established in 1992, is a vibrant, diverse and prestigious community located at the heart of LSU. The Ogden Honors College provides students with a curriculum of rigorous seminar classes, as well as opportunities for undergraduate research, culminating in the Honors Thesis. Its focus on community service, study abroad, internships and independent research helps today’s high-achieving students become tomorrow’s leaders. 

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