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Student Support

Honors College students enjoy the support of people dedicated to their achievement and funding made available for their advancement.  We support students pursuing our academic curriculum and following the themes we emphasize by providing expert assistance through our advising staff and by offering scholarship programs.


Throughout all four years of their time at LSU, Honors students receive individual assistance from our professional advising staff. Honors advisers are accustomed to working with high-achieving students and can help with everything from following our four-year curriculum  to getting involved on campus, and from participating in study abroad and internships to developing long-term plans and goals. Students can make an appointment to see an Honors adviser year-round. 

The advising team develops handbooks and other information resources to supplement Honors advising and to ensure that students always have important information on Honors curriculum timelines and resources at their fingertips. 


The Honors College offers both entering freshmen and current students a number of scholarship opportunities, many supporting pursuits aligned with our emphasized themes, such as Honors Thesis research and study abroad, with others to foster superior academic performance. We also offer one of LSU's premiere leadership scholarships: the Roger Hadfield Ogden Leaders Program, which provides up to $5,000 in funding to finance independent projects proposed by Honors students.