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NIH Graduate Partnerships Program

Provides support for prospective Ph.D. students in biomedical disciplines to research at 15 NIH/University partnerships, including Oxford and Cambridge.


The Graduate Partnerships Program (GPP) on the campuses of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) provides the opportunity for Ph.D. students in biomedical disciplines to do their dissertation research training at the premier biomedical research center in the world.  Students come to the NIH laboratories after admission into one of the fifteen established NIH/University Partnerships or through individual agreements between a university faculty member and an NIH scientist after completing Ph.D. coursework and examination requirements.   


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Selection Criteria

Applicants should exhibit:

  • Proven success in research;

  • Strong recommendations;

  • Academic excellence;

  • High GRE scores.


For the Institutional Partnerships program applicants must:

  • Possess an undergraduate degree by the time he/she matriculates;

  • Be a U.S. citizen or have permanent resident immigration status;

  • Submit both the university application and the GPP application.  Each university program has an individual deadline.  Please check the website for a list of application deadlines.

For the Individual Partnerships program applicants must:

  • Have completed all required coursework in a Ph.D. program;

  • Submit a letter from department/program chairperson giving permission to perform part or all of the dissertation research at NIH;

  • Complete the GPP application for Current Ph.D. students;

  • Identify an NIH Investigator for a host laboratory;

  • If a non-U.S. citizen, apply for the appropriate visa.


Graduate students who have applied to and are now enrolled in NIH-University partnership programs receive an NIH Intramural Research Training Award for stipend, health benefits and tuition support as needed.  Students with less than one year of graduate education or training completed upon activation of the award will receive a $25,400 stipend their first year; a $27,000 stipend their second year; a $28,400 stipend their third year; a $30,200 stipend their fourth year; and a $31,400 stipend their fifth year.  Current Ph.D. graduate students typically come to the NIH during their second or third year of graduate training.  Financial support for stipend, health benefits, and/or tuition, may come from either the graduate university, the NIH Investigator from which the dissertation research is being performed, or a combination.


The NIH-University partnership programs award is renewable up to five years based on the student’s progress toward their degree.

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