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Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants

Provides support for undergraduates planning to study abroad. See local chapter for complete information, including internal group deadlines. Applicants do not have to be Phi Kappa Phi members.


As part of its efforts to recognize and encourage academic achievements in all disciplines, The Honors Society of Phi Kappa Phi is pleased to sponsor this Study Abroad Grant competition.  The Phi Kappa Phi Board of Directors encourages qualified undergraduates in all areas of study to apply.  The program is designed to help support students as they seek knowledge and experience in their academic field by studying abroad.


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Selection Criteria

Selection is based on the applicant’s:

  • Undergraduate performance;

  • Study plan and how well it relates to your academic preparation, potential career choice, and commitment to the welfare of others.


The competition for the Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grant is open to Phi Kappa Phi members and non-members in all fields of study who meet the following requirements:

  • Attend an institution with an active Phi Kappa Phi chapter;

  • Have a minimum of 30 credit hours (or equivalent) and no more than 90 credit hours (or equivalent, including all AP, Credit by Exam, transfer credits, etc.) by the deadline;

  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale;

  • Have at least two semesters (or equivalent) remaining in residence at their home institution after completing the study abroad experience;

  • The study abroad program must take place between May 1 and June 30 following receipt of Grant;

  • Must have been accepted into a study abroad program (provide the letter of acceptance on an official letterhead as part of your application);

  • Your study abroad plan should relate directly to your academic preparation, potential career choice, and commitment to the welfare of others.


Each Study Abroad Grant is worth $1,000.


Each Grant supports one year of study abroad.

For more information:

Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants