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Thesis Advising

Support for Upper Division Students 

The Ogden Honors College staff includes an academic adviser who specializes in supporting students as they progress toward completing senior Honors Distinctions and the Honors Thesis. Ogden Honors students are encouraged to begin meeting with the Honors Thesis adviser at the end of the sophomore year to learn the requirements of their Upper Division Honors Distinction program (specific to their major) and to discuss opportunities for undergraduate research that best align with the student's majors and interests. By the end of the sophomore year, students should declare their intention to write an Honors Thesis through the thesis declaration form. This declaration allows the Upper Division adviser to assist Honors juniors and seniors in taking necessary steps toward completing the Honors Thesis and achieve College Honors at graduation.

thesis.advisingAs a student pursues their Upper Division program, the Thesis adviser meets with them at least once per semester to review course selections and use of the Honors Option, to assist planning alongside the student's Thesis Director, and to support enrollment in thesis courses. The Honors Thesis adviser also liaises with students' faculty thesis director to ensure that they are also aware of deadlines, requirements, and the need for any additional student support.

The thesis adviser coordinates a number of thesis-related events throughout the academic year. Upper Division Information Sessions are held for sophomores and juniors to consider their plans. Thesis Roundtables in both the fall and spring semesters bring current and future thesis students together to discuss their research experiences, "compare notes," ask questions of the adviser, and receive a general overview of next steps. We also host an annual Ogden Honors College Undergraduate Research Colloquium each spring, at which thesis students can present their research to both their peers and the LSU community.