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Thesis Timeline

Basic guidelines for planning your Honors Thesis project


  • Thesis research can, and in some fields, must begin in earlier settings such as a campus job in a lab or in earlier independent study or research courses.
  • By the last day of class in the semester before you plan to enroll in thesis coursework, secure commitment from a professor to serve as your thesis director.
  • Enroll in the first semester thesis course and inform the Upper Division adviser of your enrollment using the green Thesis Enrollment Form (available in 101 French House). See Thesis Courses and consult your Upper Division Program for an explanation of which course to select.

First Semester

  • Begin the semester by submitting an Honors Thesis proposal or abstract, including preliminary sources, to your thesis director.
  • With your thesis director, set deadlines and decide what work will be due at the end of this semester. Note that the first semester is not a semester of only gathering information-- you should be at least beginning to write your thesis as well. Plan toward the goal of completing a final draft of your thesis by midterm of your second semester of thesis enrollment. To do so generally requires significant progress in writing the first semester.  
  • Begin putting together your defense committee with your Thesis Director.

Second Semester

  • Coordination with the Ogden Honors College is especially important at this time. Scheduling difficulties abound between allowing committee members reading time, possible corrections following the defense, printing issues, etc.
  • By the last day to drop classes without receiving a grade of W, report your two additional defense committee members to the Honors Upper Division Advisor through the Defense Committee Registration Form.
  • By the midterm exam period, submit a final draft of the complete thesis to your thesis director and confirm that your oral defense date remains suitable for all committee members.
  • By the Thesis Due Date for the given semester, your thesis director must submit a report of your successful thesis defense to the Honors College with the Thesis Approval Report Form and you must submit a .pdf copy to the Ogden Honors College through the Thesis Submission Form.