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Shell Honors Student Leaders

A four-year scholarship program

Through a generous endowed gift from the Shell Corporation, each year, four entering Ogden Honors freshmen from the disciplines of Business, Coast & Environment, Engineering, and Science will be selected for the Shell Honors Student Leadership Program. Shell Honors Student Leaders will receive an annual stipend according to the following schedule, pending successful progress towards both their discipline-specific degree and College Honors.

  • Freshman at $500 annually
  • Sophomore at $500 annually
  • Junior at $1000 annually
  • Senior at $1500 annually

Shell Honors Student Leaders will be given multiple opportunities each semester to interact with Shell and participate in on-campus and off-campus education, research, community outreach, and recruiting activities. At the end of each year, Shell Student Leaders will be required to write a short summary of these experiences which will be reviewed by the Dean of the Ogden Honors College prior to awarding the following year's stipend.