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Louisiana: Paradise Lost?

HNRS 2000 Sec. 901 - Fall 2022

Associate Dean Drew Lamonica Arms Ogden Honors College

Tu Th 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
135 French House

In HNRS 2000 this year, faculty and students will discuss issues of special concern to residents of Louisiana, particularly questions of environmental justice. After reading Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future by Elizabeth Kolbert, the Shared Read for 2022, we will think about how climate change and sea level rise are affecting the state. The issue of industrial pollution will lead us to discuss the tension between the interests of business and the concerns of environmentalists, especially the vulnerability of Louisiana's "fenceline" communities.

In exploring these topics we will think about how we as citizens receive information. What sources are reliable? Whom can we trust? Once we have information and data, what principles guide us in making decisions? What ethical implications should we consider when making choices that affect various communities? To cite the subtitle of one of our texts, Michael Sandel’s Justice, “What’s the Right Thing to Do?”

Fulfills General Education:

English Composition
Social Sciences