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Honors Option

Add an Honors notation to a standard 3000/4000 level course

The Honors Option is the primary means for Juniors and Seniors to maintain their good standing in the Ogden Honors College and contribute course work toward their major. It is a method for arranging independent work as a condition to receive Honors credit in a standard 3000 or 4000 level course. You and your professor will design this independent component as an Honors Option Agreement. Presentations, semester projects, primary source research, and conference reports are examples of components added to courses for Honors Option credit.

Submission Deadlines

  • The Honors Option Agreement form must be turned in to the Ogden Honors College by the last day to add classes for the semester in which the course is taken.

  • After the work has been completed, it is the responsibility of the student to bring the Honors Option Report, signed by the professor, to the Honors College. The Honors Option Report is due the Thursday of the final week of classes.

Honors Options forms are available in the Honors College Main Office, located in 101 French House.