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Student Life

How co-curricular experiences can enrich your time at LSU

LSU and the Honors College will provide you with a rigorous academic preparation, but what will you do beyond the classroom? Make use of all the opportunities the Honors College offers beyond the classroom: have an impact on your community, expand your boundaries, learn to expect excellence of yourself and your peers, and bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and the practical application of that knowledge.

Have an Impact on Your Community

Community Bound Service PlungeYour education and leadership potential are tools that can be applied to the "real world" in ways that benefit the entire community, and you can see that in action by getting involved in service. Get your feet wet by participating in Community Bound Service Plunge and the Freshmen Service Project; continue your service experience through your four years through an Honors Student Organization, Volunteer LSU, or a Baton Rouge community-based organization.

Expand Your Boundaries

Summer Study Abroad ProgramThe global village is here whether you are ready for it or not. So get ready by taking advantage of the opportunities available to you. Contact the LSU Office of Academic Programs Abroad to see how you can study abroad for a year, semester or summer or how you can study at another American university and pay LSU tuition.  Additionally the Honors College offers study abroad scholarships to promote the expansion of your worldview.

Expect Excellence of Yourself and Your Peers

Being successful begins with setting high expectations for yourself. At the Honors College you will  take classes with exceptional faculty along side other academically motivated students. You also have the opportunity to extend that learning into your living arrangement by living in the Honors House where many of the opportunities at LSU are brought literally to your front door.

Bridge the Gap Between Knowledge and Application

Smart is one thing; applying your intelligence is another. Through Honors supported professional experiences, by conducting undergraduate research and by writing an Honors Thesis you will become able to identify a problem, design a viable way of addressing that problem, execute that design, and be able to determine the success of your efforts.