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Personal guidance in planning four years in the Honors College

An Honors Path

Honors advisers assist you in developing a personalized path, which is customized to your interest and aspirations and guided by the Honors curriculum and the four themes emphasized by the College.  As specific transitions approach, referral is often made to specialized staff members supporting undergraduate research,  experiential learningprestigious fellowships, and student activities, or to a multitude of campus resources to meet your individual needs in each phase of your path.


Advising Schedule

All Honors College students should meet with an Honors adviser for at least one advising session per year according to the following schedule to remain in good standing (although students may see an adviser additionally at any time):

  • 1st year students -- Fall (at any time of the semester)
  • 2nd year students -- Spring (at any time of the semester)
  • 3rd year students -- Spring (at any time of the semester)
  • 4th (and 5th) year students -- Fall (at any time of the semester)


An advising session is constituted as a discussion of future plans in relation to Honors, to major degree programs, and to available University resources with an Honors College adviser. 


Advising Appointment Scheduling

To schedule a meeting with an Honors adviser, request an appointment, making sure to list any particular topics to discuss and/or a preferred adviser.  Note: appointments are not necessary for quick questions.  The members of the advising staff strive to be responsive to email and available for quick questions by phone or in person.