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Honors College Hosts Course Information Fair

Students Learn about Spring 2013 Honors Courses

More than 100 Honors Students gathered for the Spring 2013 Course Information Fair held on Monday night. 


The Course Information Fair, which was held in the Grand Salon of the French House, allowed students to learn more about the Honors seminar (HNRS) classes being offered next spring by Honors professors.

After the professors gave brief presentations on their respective courses, students had the opportunity to meet them and see anticipated syllabi. The small seminar classes, taught by distinguished faculty members, each have less than 20 students and cover topics that cross multiple fields.

Dr. Carl Freedman spoke about his spring Honors course, entitled “American Crime Film,” which focuses on the major genres of American crime film, specifically film noir and mob movies. 

“What a course is like depends as much on the students taking it as it does on the subject matter and professor,” Freedman said. “One of the reasons I like teaching in the Honors College is because Honors students are by no means shy in living up to their part of that.”

Michelle Zerba, an associate professor in the English Department, also spoke about her course, “Classical Traditions: The Mediterranean World,” which examines the classics from and their roots in Western thought.

“Why should a 21st century Honors student take this course? Because the Mediterranean was a vital arena of thought, art and politics back then and it’s a vital arena of thought, art and politics now; anybody paying attention to world affairs knows this,” Zerba said.

Other Honors seminar courses include Vince LiCata’s “HNRS 3500: Independent Study,” which involves Honors students designing a science radio show at LSU, and Teresa Buchanan’s “Contemporary Studies: Life and Learning in the Digital Age,” which focuses on the widespread usage of computing mobile computing devices.

Most of the HNRS courses being offered in the spring provide General Education credit and several can be used to fulfill English Composition (ENGL 2000), Humanities, or Social Sciences requirements.