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Ogden Honors College Announces Dear America, Notes of an Undocumented Citizen as Shared Read

The LSU Roger Hadfield Ogden Honors College has selected Jose Antonio Vargas’ Dear America, Notes of an Undocumented Citizen as its 2019 Summer Shared Read. 

“The College’s shared read is designed to promote discussion and deep thinking about difficult issues, and the ones raised in Dear America cut right to the deep disagreements we are struggling with concerning immigration and undocumented people,” said Ogden Honors College Dean Jonathan Earle. “Jose Antonio Vargas is a leading voice in an important debate, and I’m delighted he will be speaking at our convocation.”

Jose Antonio Vargas is regarded by many in the media as America’s most well-known undocumented immigrant. Vargas arrived in California at age 12 after being smuggled into the United States from the Philippines by his family. He did not discover he was “illegal” until four years later when he applied for a driver’s license. 

Vargas’ book, Dear America, Notes of an Undocumented Citizen, examines what it means to be an American and what life is like for an undocumented citizen in the U.S.

“This book is about what it means to not have a home,” Vargas says on his website. “After 25 years of living illegally in a country that does not consider me one of its own, this book is the closest thing I have to freedom.”

The Ogden Honors College Shared Read Program introduces new students to the academic and intellectual culture of the Honors College through a common reading experience. Each spring, the Ogden Honors College selects a book as required summer reading for all incoming students and as recommended reading for current Honors students, faculty and staff. The academic year then opens in the fall semester with the Honors Convocation, at which the author of the Shared Read text gives an address.

All incoming Honors College students are required to read Dear America, Notes of an Undocumented Citizen by August 26, 2019. Students can purchase the book at the Barnes and Noble on LSU’s campus at a discounted rate, or at their local bookstore.

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