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Sarah Perkins Talks LSU Geaux Global and A New Passion for Education

Political science senior Sarah Perkins’ Ogden Summer experience was filled with international travel and educational discoveries.

Perkins spent most of June in Santiago, Chile teaching English with LSU Geaux Global, a collaborative education program. She worked with the English Department at the Southern Cross School teaching 5th-8th grade classes. She also stayed with a host family for the entire trip for a fully immersive experience.


The program is unique: while it starts with LSU, it is open to global participation. There were participants from California, Germany, Maine and other countries, varying from ages 20-37. 

“I was actually the only LSU student, the only undergraduate student, and the youngest participant,” Perkins said. “For me, the focus of the trip was engaging with the children at the school and in my home to learn about the culture, but most importantly to help them perfect their English speaking skills.”

Perkins is a Political Science major with a focus in International Politics. Until now, she had not considered education as a potential interest.

“I got to experience a new cultural cuisine, 


beautiful scenery, and was ultimately in a position to compare/contrast the U.S. Education system to the Chilean school structure,” Perkins explained. “My experience has made me strongly consider going into public service with a focus in educational policy.”

She spent the remainder of her summer at the Student Government SEC Exchange at the University of Kentucky where she is the Speaker pro tempore of the Student Senate. Perkins represented LSU SG with a presentation on LSU’s various programs and initiatives for the student body and the state of Louisiana, such as the Higher Education Report Card, the Period Project, Rally for TOPS and more.