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Undergraduate Research

The Ogden Honors College can coordinate placement of top students in opportunities for research in all of LSU’s majors. Undergraduate research allows students to participate in hands-on learning through the creation of new knowledge, with the student working independently under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The Ogden Honors College supports its students' development of original scholarship based on their undergraduate research through the Honors Thesis, the Ogden Honors Research Colloquium, graduation distinctions, and scholarships & awards.

Research—which is occurring everywhere at LSU—is an essential thread in the four-year Honors curriculum, tying together experience, knowledge, and scholarship. Students can even be paid to conduct research. Many Honors students participate in the prestigious President's Future Leaders in Research (PFLR) program, in which they work as a research assistant to a faculty mentor over four years, ultimately completing an Honors Thesis and achieving College Honors. Even more Honors students are participants in the President's Student Aide (PSA) program, in which a student can work as a paid research assistant in any discipline (although assignment is not by default a research assignment). Undergraduate research also occurs in a less formalized setting, such as working with a professor in an independent study course, but a formal research relationship in the academic setting will quickly propel you to overall Honors success.

Whatever your path, your initial undergraduate research strategy is the same. First, explore your major, and familiarize yourself with your professors’ work and the work of your peers. Look at faculty web pages, attend Honors Research Series talks, and strike up conversations. Next, express your interest in research to an appropriate professor with whom you’ve developed a working relationship, and find out where you might fit in his or her research program. If you are a recipient of PSA or PFLR, there are then specific final steps to take in becoming a paid research assistant. For details on these steps, visit our Find a Research Position page, or contact Ogden Honors College Upper Division Advisor.