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Blue Family LASAL Scholarship Application

Apply for this award for first generation students

Awarded directly by the Ogden Honors College, the Blue Family Louisiana Service and Leadership (LASAL) Program Scholarship is an award for students participating in Louisiana Service and Leadership Program who are first-generation college students. The award is funded by a generous donation from the Blue Family.


Selection is made yearly based upon the information submitted below, in addition to academic records and information provided for financial aid.  


$4000 over four years of academic study as $1000 per year, dependent upon fund availability.

Award Requirements

Applicants must have a 3.5 LSU GPA and must be LASAL Scholars. First preference will be given to LASAL Scholars who are first generation college students, but merit and need may also be considered.  Recipients are required to continually meet Ogden Honors College good standing requirements and maintain a 3.5 collegiate GPA. The scholarship will be terminated if the recipient fails to remain in the LASAL Scholars Program, or fails to complete the requirements for the program.


March 22, 2019