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OHC Study Abroad Scholarships Application

Apply for all of the College's study abroad award programs

Application for 2021 calendar year funding may not be made at this time. As the status of programs abroad becomes more clear, the application will be opened in January 2021 for a deadline in early February. The application below is left available for informational purposes only. 

This application may be used to apply for all Ogden Honors College study abroad awards to support students during the 2020 calendar year. These award programs include:

  • Ogden Honors College LSU Global Scholars Award for up to a full tuition and University fees waiver (this fee waiver does not apply to a study abroad program fee)
  • Ogden Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship for up to $5000
  • TAF Honors Study Abroad Scholarship for up to $1000


Provide information in the following areas, accurately. If details of the program or financial information change, you are expected to notify the Ogden Honors College immediately.

Eligibility: Ogden Honors College students in Good Standing, with at least a 3.0 GPA and current with the Ogden Honors College course requirements are eligible to apply. Students must be applying to attend approved, international programs of the LSU Academic Programs Abroad office, including LSU, exchange, and direct programs that award academic credit. A recipient must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student during the abroad program. Applicants need not be accepted to abroad programs prior to completing this application.

Student Information: Complete the biographical information fields and notate the current extent of your foreign language study. Include only languages in which you have earned college credit or have fluency, gained otherwise.

Program Information: Provide information about the program you plan to attend. Confirmation of program acceptance and completion will be required of award recipients.

Prior Abroad Experiences: Briefly describe any prior experiences abroad. Include recreational travel, high school programs, mission trips, or any other abroad programs. If more than two experiences abroad, list the two of longest duration.

Financial Information: Provide detailed program cost information and resources available to meet these costs. Do not include the funds you are applying for here among your available resources.


December 6, 2019

Student Information
Program Information
The program you will use these funds to attend
Program Type

Prior Abroad Experiences
Please include travel abroad, whether academic or otherwise
Prior Abroad Experiences
additional experience abroad
Anticipated Costs
Anticipated Resources