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We have moved! The French House is currently being renovated. The Ogden Honors College main office address is now
8 Johnston Hall (in the basement). Staff offices are located in both Johnston Hall & Laville Honors House. 


The Roger Hadfield Ogden Honors College at Louisiana State University engages a diverse population of high achieving students in a dynamic interaction of outstanding instruction, innovative research and public service.
2011 Ogden Honors grad receives competitive Knauss Fellowship
Marsh-Minded Ogden Honors alum & 2016 Knauss Fellow Anna Normand on her passion for wetlands research
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A Conversation with Roger Ogden
Meet Roger Ogden Get to know the man - and generous donor - behind our new name
Ogden Honors College Graduates 71 Students
2015 Graduation Ogden Honors College Graduates 71 students at Graduation Ceremony