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Ogden Honors Research Series

The Ogden Honors College Faculty Research Series showcases and promotes the wide variety of research taking place at LSU. Faculty are invited to give a talk on their research work in an informal setting with Honors students-- and discussion is encouraged! The mission of our Research Series is to demonstrate to Honors students the wide variety of research processes and opportunities that exist throughout campus, and to stimulate both conversations about research, and an overall culture of research, within the Honors College. Research Series are hosted in each semester, and the spring semester series culminates in our annual Ogden Honors College Undergraduate Research Colloquium, where Honors students can present their own research to peers, faculty, and the LSU community. If you'd like to give an upcoming Research Series talk, please contact Honors College Associate Dean Granger Babcock at .

Past Research Series Talks

Paul Baier, "Same-Sex Marriage in the Courts"

Leslie Tuttle, "Pottermania: Why Moderns are Fascinated with Witchcraft and Magic"

Dean Jonathan Earle, "The United State of Conspiracies"

Benjamin Martin, "Years of Plenty, Years of Want: France and the Legacy of the Great War"

Robert Mann, "British War Propaganda in the United States, 1914-1917"

Julia Bucker, "Anxiety and Addictive Behaviors"

Stephen Andes, "A Radical Papacy?"

Sarah Becker, "The Zimmerman Context: Racialized Definitions of Justice in Neighborhood Watch Groups"

Prosanta Chakrabarty, "Fishing for Answers to the History of Life"

Robert Mann, "The Revolution is Not Being Televised: How the Internet Has Transformed American Politics"

Jeffrey A. Nunn, “Exploring the subsurface: hydrocarbons, groundwater, geohazards … and the occasional dead body”

Daniel B. Marin, "Representations of Business Practice: Abstract and  Concrete." 

Mary L. Kelley. " Children's Adjustment Post-Hurricane Katrina: Risk and Protective Factors"

Zachary L. Godshall. "Documentary Film: Showing and Telling"

Darius A. Spieth, “Napoleon's Sorcerers: The Sophisians" 

James R. Stoner, Jr., “The Law and Politics of Pornography”

Richard C. Moreland, “Representations and Rhetorics of Social Change in Modern American Literature: A Few Examples”

Michelle L. Zerba, "What Can You Do Today with the Ancient Greeks and Romans?" 

Barret Kennedy, "Documentation for Disaster(s)"