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Research Assistants

Ogden Honors College student research assistants are responsible Honors students ready to work alongside you in whatever capacity your research agenda requires—and at no cost to you, your department, or your college. 

Student research assistants are readily available, thanks to funding from University scholarship awards, and talent from the Ogden Honors College, and can help you more effectively and efficiently accomplish your research goals. High-achieving and hard-working Ogden Honors students are majoring in disciplines across the spectrum, and are eager for the opportunity to participate in creating knowledge in their field.

President's Student Aide

Nearly all Honors students are recipients of President's Student Aide, an LSU award package that allows students to work in campus departments, often as paid research assistants, at no cost to the department or a faculty member’s research program. This arrangement benefits the faculty member’s research program and gives the student hands-on research experience in his or her discipline; ideally a mentor relationship will also develop between student and faculty, with the student eventually utilizing this relationship and research experience as he or she undertakes an Honors Thesis project.

When you have found a particular student with whom you’d like to work, the student may then be assigned to your research program by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (by updating the student’s PSA appointment status to the position of Research Assistant, with you as the contact). If you have a departmental staff member who coordinates student workers, this person should be able to make these arrangements for you. If not, then the student will need to go to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and request to be assigned to you as a Research Assistant. A memo of support, written by you, will be useful in this process. 

President's Future Leaders in Research

An Ogden Honors College faculty member can also give top incoming Honors students a premier undergraduate research experience by becoming a President's Future Leaders in Research (PFLR) mentor. The PFLR work-study program is similar to PSA, but is a slightly more competitive award. It provides the opportunity for LSU’s most promising incoming freshmen to participate in research placements with professors from their first day on campus. Ideally this will initiate a four-year research relationship with a faculty mentor, and culminate in an Honors Thesis project, the hallmark of the Honors experience and the preeminent example of undergraduate research scholarship at LSU. By signing up to mentor one or more PFLR students in the research methods of your field, and guiding the student through the process of the Honors Thesis project, you can ensure these students have the finest undergraduate research experience available anywhere. Sign up as a PFLR mentor here.  Additional details on the PFLR program can be found here; questions can also be directed to Julie Perkins, Associate Director of Financial Operations, Office of Research & Economic Development, at 578-3299 or