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Essential Experience

Three Ogden Honors College students talk about their summer internships

It’s summer break here at LSU, which means our Ogden Honors students are busy pursuing internships, service trips, and studying abroad. Over the summer, we’ll be featuring some of the interesting places our students are working, studying, and interning. This week we’re featuring three Honors students in the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication with internships that are helping them prepare for life after LSU.

Savanah Dickinson

Senior, Political Communication and International Studies

Editorial Assistant, American Way magazine; Dallas, TXSavanah Dickinson

Rising Ogden Honors College senior Savanah Dickinson is spending her summer working as an editorial assistant for American Way magazine. Her day-to-day responsibilities include fact-checking, pitching story ideas, and writing for the magazine. 

Dickinson found out about the internship through Steve Buttry, LSU’s Director of Student Media, who recommended she apply. She highly recommends the internship to other LSU students interested in journalism. “While I’ve been working here, I’ve learned that the responsibilities of the editorial staff are much greater than I previously assumed,” Dickinson said. “As a political communication major and former news writer for The Daily Reveille, I don’t get to use the creative side of my brain as often as I do the analytical side. This internship has opened my mind to more creative thinking.”

Dickinson is getting to see, first-hand, how her education is preparing her for life after LSU. “Within the last two weeks, there have been a number of instances in which the stories I was writing directly related to material from my classes in Manship,” she said. “My international studies major has also given me a more worldly perspective when I pitch stories.”

Sarah Gamard

Junior, Journalism

Investigative Journalism Intern at The Lens NOLA; New Orleans, LASarah Gamard

Rising Ogden Honors College junior Sarah Gamard is spending her summer working for The Lens NOLA, where she covers coastal restoration, charter schools, and criminal justice. Her responsibilities change day-to-day depending on her assignment. “An average day,” Gamard explains, “is spent either working on investigations (poring over public documents, legislation, budgets, research data, past news articles and making phone calls) or covering breaking stories on the area's charter schools.”

Gamard found out about the internship from the Manship School of Mass Communication’s internship coordinator, Mary Sternberg, and recommends it to students who are serious about investigative reporting. “I'm learning how to question authorities, hold officials accountable, be discerning with my sources, and get the story as thoroughly as possible.”

Hannah McLain

Senior, Public Relations

Public relations and marketing intern, Kimbell Art MuseuHannah McClainm; Fort Worth, TX

Ogden Honors College senior Hannah McLain’s internship with the Kimbell Art Museum is the “perfect combination of my interest in art and communications,” she said. Her daily responsibilities include gathering press clippings, event promotion, and special projects.

“An upcoming project that I’m excited about is a Snapchat Geofilter for our Teen Night,” McLain said. “I’m meeting with the museum’s designer to create a filter specifically for this teen-oriented event. I think it's a great way to engage this audience, and I love that I have a somewhat creative task alongside my more administrative duties.”

McLain found out about the internship by searching art museum websites. “I’m learning a lot about special events and media relations in this internship,” she said. “The museum held a press preview for the new exhibition, The Brothers Le Nain: Painters of Seventeenth-Century France, my first week of work. I greeted members of the press and representatives from museums in the area. Witnessing my boss confidently interact with the guests—professionals with whom she's spent a decade building relationships—gave me a lot of insight as to how one can effectively work in media relations.”

If you’re an Ogden Honors student interested in learning more about the tremendous internship opportunities available to you, or if you or your company would like to offer internships to Ogden Honors students, contact our Director of Career Development Cindy Seghers at

We’ll be continuing our internship series throughout the summer months, so make sure to check back to learn how other Ogden Honors students are using their summer break to gain valuable professional experience.