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Significant funding opportunities are available to LSU Honors students, both through Honors College scholarships and through general LSU scholarships. Substantial merit-based awards are available to entering Honors College freshmen. Other Honors College scholarships are designed to support activities of current students, such as study abroad or undergraduate research.

Scholarships for Entering Freshmen

The Honors College directly awards or participates in awarding the following five scholarships. Only entering Honors College freshmen are eligible for these scholarships:

Incoming Honors College students should also be sure to review LSU's list of available scholarships for entering freshmen. Since Honors admission requirements mirror or surpass those of many of LSU's major scholarships, entering Honors College freshmen often automatically qualify for these merit-based scholarships. (The LSU application for undergraduate admissions is also the application for all entering freshmen scholarships.)

Scholarships for Current Students 

The Honors College provides current students with opportunities for scholarship support throughout their four years of enrollment. These current student scholarships are designed to foster student achievement and help students pursue activities emphasized by the College. Our premier award is the Roger Hadfield Ogden Leaders Scholarship, which grants up to five  $5,000 awards per year to fund independent creative, service, or research projects proposed by Honors College students.


Support for Fellowship Applicants

The Honors College provides support to applicants for prestigious fellowships through its Office of Fellowship Advising. Interested students are invited to browse a list of fellowships and utilize resources for preparing to pursue nationally- and internationally-competitive awards.